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Restaurant Review - Herringbone, La Jolla

People are fans of happy hour, one of the best times to explore the best restaurants in La Jolla is during this fabulous time of day. The food at Herringbone is delicious, Chef Brian Malarkey is at the helm (a former Top Chef finalist and the winning mentor on ABC’s The Taste)—along with its lounge’s modern-rustic feel that is accented by 100-year-old olive trees, colorful tiles and low-key vibe.

Herringbone doesn’t take reservations for happy hour which happens Monday through Friday between 4:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m. They actually call it oyster hour because oysters are $1 during this time along. Other discounted bites and drinks (select wines are $6 and select beers are $5) are available, too. If you plan on making it your dinner, plan to order from the main menu, too. Sample a variety of dishes, you may tend to over-order.

Rest assured that there were plenty of not-pictured discounted drinks enjoyed as well. Speaking of cocktails, a must-order (regular menu) at both Searsucker and Herringbone (they are sister restaurants) is called a Peter Rabbit which has Pimm’s #1, bruised basil, and pressed lemon that is garnished with a tasty pickled carrot. You can add a bonus shot of cucumber gin, if you like. So tasty.

The oyster hour choice is determined daily by the chef, so order a half-dozen of these as well as a half-dozen oyster sampler. Your server will be able to guide you. All of them went down, with pleasure.

Three Cheese Plate
The selections were Verde Capra, San Andreas, and Barely Buzzed with dried fruit and nuts.

Whole Fish Ceviche
This is one of the best things on the menu, but it was smaller in portion. It’s a commitment at $26 but if you like refreshing ceviche with citrus you should try it.

Fennel Sausage Flatbread
Herringbone is both known for its seafood and olive wood-fried flatbreads. But this version had a perfect combination of tomato, Castlevetrano olives, pesto, and hand-stretched mozzarella.

Baja Stone Crab
This dish takes fried rice to an entirely new level. Big chunks of crab rest in between rice that is fried to a crisp for a perfect little crunch in each bite. The dish also has Chinese sausage, ginger, cilantro, chilies, and peanuts. This entree had such a unique combination of flavor and texture, if you like Asian-fusion style food, try this.

Herringbone Sundae
Despite being stuffed with food and booze, opt for for dessert. Behold, the Herringbone sundae with chocolate ice cream, sea salt blondies, marshmallow cream, caramelized cocoa nibs, and creamy caramel. It’s just beyond words, really. In fact, most desserts here are.

The Vibe
There were families, couples, and groups of friends enjoying the festive atmosphere. Dress for happy hour is fairly mixed with most people dressed fairly casually. Check the calendar to see what’s happening on the day you’d like to go. For example, Mondays have $1 oysters all night long.

Herringbone is located at 7837 Herschel Avenue in La Jolla, between Wall St. and Silverado St. For reservations, call (858) 459-0221.

September 22, 2015