Bird Rock

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Named after a large rock protruding from the Pacific Ocean on which pelicans and seagulls routinely rest, Bird Rock is a unique neighborhood on the southwestern edge of La Jolla, California. Considered a separate small town within La Jolla by locals, Bird Rock definitely has a different feel to it than the rest of La Jolla, and is considered by some as an entry level area for La Jolla housing. Most homes in Bird Rock were built in the 1940s, which contributes to the small-town feel, though there are also a number of more modern homes and remodeled units. Residents of this quiet community are within walking distance of the ocean as well as a thriving commercial area consisting of boutiques and critically acclaimed restaurants. There are homes in Bird Rock for families at nearly every income level, with condos starting at about $450,000 and single-family homes ranging from about $600,000 to nearly $15 million.